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  • 💥2023|01 Drop is now available for limited Time.💥

NEW AMBASSADOR - Michael de Wit

NEW AMBASSADOR - Michael de Wit
We are proud to welcome to the EINS family as our brand ambassador for LA.⁠

michael has been creative-& art director of several Brands among those VANS and is passionate skater and BMX rider. We met him in California and he fell in love with the EINS®. He is a perfect addition to our family and we look forward to have lots of fun with him in the future. ⁠

stay tuned for more content...⁠


Q:Who are you?⁠

A:My name is Michael de Wit, a Dutch creative director living in Southern California for the greater part of my life.⁠

Q:Pls tell us something about living the life of a creative with respect to skating, bmx & culture⁠

A:My roots lie in BMX and skateboarding, which ultimately laid the groundwork of how I approach things creatively. Regardless of whether I am working on a campaign for Vans, Converse, adidas ,Google or Samsung, the fundamental mindset of continuously pushing until I reach my goal, directly stems from the perseverance needed to continue riding or skating.⁠

Q:What do you think about the EINS® Bike?⁠

A:When I was approached by Fabian at Eins, I was flattered that he would even consider me being part of the family. With the ever growing popularity of electric bikes, I always felt that most of those bike looked very silly. And then Eins came around. It reminded my of my 1975 Kawasaki BX200 I used to own. Just the perfect retro BMX design. The Eins bike retains the history of the BMX culture but brings it into the future. I feel proud riding the bike every time I jump on it and hope it will inspire kids to jump on a BMX bike and dive into the culture like I did.⁠

Q:What's your mission with EINS, whats the motivation behind being an ambassador?⁠

A:I feel that Eins can provide a great interest with an amazing core bmx audience , that appreciates the culture and history of the sport. To be part of a new (electric) bike movement is really honorable to me especially being able to spread the word in the birthplace of BMX… Southern California.This is not your regular electric BMX bike and I really feel people are gonna love it once they take a ride.⁠

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