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EINS - the Electric urban Cruiser

EINS - the Electric urban Cruiser

Full power to conquer the city

Made for urban commuting, ripping up hills, and making the pavement your playground. The pedal-assist mid drive motor delivers smooth, responsive power to make your ride incredible.

+ mid drive electric motor (pedalec)

+ 70lb-ft torque power (+25 mph)

+ long lasting batteries (+32 miles range)

Perfect for all urban obstacles

Ultra robust steel frame for the parcours of urban areas. Weighing ONLY 41 lbs. (19 kg) and with heigh adjustable saddle the EINS is perfect for your day-to-day riding needs.

+ robust steel frame

+ height adjustable saddle

+ lightweight (41lbs/19kg)

Easy handling to make your life easíer

The unique battery engineering makes the EINS the only e-bike with its battery integrated under a height-adjustable saddle. You can easy release the battery, take it with you and charge it everywhere you want in just 3 hours.

+ Quick release battery

+ fast charging

+ Phone charger 

Home to the chrome -The bike that fits your style

High quality materials always have been the focus on designing the EINS. Stunning hand-welded, chrome-plated chromoly steel frame. Hydraulic disc brakes, 24” wheels, premium leather crash pad & seat.

+ mirror chrome plated

+ high end materials 

+ German engineering & timeless design


24“ wheels for more comfort

24" wheels for the ultimative driving comfort.

Hydraulik disk brakes

hydraulic brakes are the most save option for high speed

FAUX LEATHER Applications 

high quality cruelty free leather saddle & crashpad

Crashpad for savety

be save for every situation with our unique crashpad

Bmx bike ergonomics

style and design of original BMX bikes

Intelligent lcd monitor

computer shows, speed. distance, batteries & 5 Driving modes

Heat shield under saddle

german engineered battery saddle for more savety

Non slip pedals &handlebar grips

for more fun while conquering you city


SPare Parts

Batteries, Stand & Co

Custom Parts

Hand Throttle, Light Pack etc


Hoodies, Bottles and more

Drop element here!

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